Real Estate CounsellorsCentre has been established as the response to the need of complex, professional and friendly real estate customer service in one place. It was developed by four women who have been working in the real estate business for over 20 years.

The mission of the Centre is our clients’ satisfaction. Our goal is the high quality service combined with the highest level of security, comfort and satisfaction obtained from executed transactions.

The best recommendation of our servicesis a group of satisfied clients who appreciate our work and refer us to their friends.

We offer assistance in all aspects of real estate management from choosing a property to finalizing the contract, but alsoconsultancy in a wide scope ofmatters concerningthe real estate market.

While purchasing a real estate: we will findpropertyfulfilling the client’s requirements, negotiate the price, verify the formal and legal aspect, offer aid in getting the bank loan, arrange adeed at the Notarial Office , draw up handover report.

While selling a real estate: we will estimate its price, suggest the modifications that should be made to make the property look more attractive, plan the process of marketing and selling, collect the documents, arrange the deed at Notarial Office, draw up handover report.

Upon client’s request, we may only perform some of the aforementioned actions, or may as well do any additional work. For our clients,purchase or sale is simple and enjoyable.

Centre Team comprises competent, professional, reliable and patient persons with long experience and a deep knowledge of the real estate market.

Małgorzata Bobola

The owner of Real Estate Królewska 11, a graduate in Tourism and Recreation at the University School of Physical Education in Krakow.

For over twenty year she has been operating in the real estate business. She is a licensed real estate agent with the number 538.

Her favourite avocations include: skiing, swimming, and diving.

Customers appreciate her professionalism and patience.

Elżbieta Guzik

The owner of Real Estate Królewska 11, a graduate in Mathematics at the Jagiellonian University.

She is a licensed real estate agent with the number 1597

As one of the first and few (3 agencies) agents in Krakow introduced Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, obtaining an internal auditor certificate.

She earned the CCIM designation in market and financial analysis and user decision analysis for commercial investment real estate.

She tries to best understand the needs of her customers, and long-standing experience and credibility build over years are the guarantee of high quality of service.

Satisfied customers are for her the best recommendation.

Małgorzata Kaim

The owner of Real Estate KAMARO – she has been involved with the real estate industry since 1994, she was one of the first licensed real estate agents, with the number 542.

A graduate in Horticulture at the University of Agriculture in Krakow, completed post-graduate studies in the School of Entrepreneurship and Management at the Academy of Economics in Krakow in banking.

Perfectly organised and conscientious, empathic altruist, involved in the Noble Box Project, passionate gardener, estate agent by choice.

Katarzyna Liebersbach-Szarek

The owner of Real Estate Łobzowskie SN – a licensed real estate agent with the number 546, working in this business for 20 years.

A graduate in Sociology, completed first degree studies in Business Psychology. Instructor and trainer of the Małopolska Real Estate Agents Association.

She carries out real estate transactions, conducts trainings in real estate, prepares development conditions and regulation of the real property rights.

Customer’s satisfaction and safety are of paramount importance for her.

Halina Wadowska

The owner of Real Estate Arka.

For over twenty years she has been involved with the real estate business. She is a licensed real estate agent with the number 1450.

She specializes in effective and quick sale and rental of real estate.

She provides safe and professional service of the conducted transactions.

She constantly deepens her knowledge and skills of the real estate transactions.

Her priority is satisfaction and safety of her customers.

She spends her free time on journeys, reading good literature, and cooking.